Seven years in the App Store

This last month we've celebrated a very exciting milestone as we've now crossed 7 years in the App Store. As a small, self funded team we're proud that ETA is the app it is today. Most rewarding are the stories we receive from customers on how they love ETA and how it helps them navigate their day.

We launched ETA in The Australian summer of 2014. That February ETA hit the App Store as a simple but useful dashboard of locations. It was a single screen showing your favourite locations that upon tap would open up directions in your chosen maps app (at that time it was either Apple Maps or Google Maps). It was very simple but most importantly very useful.

At soon as it was available we were welcomed with great reviews from both App Store customers and press. Making the pages of TechCrunch on Day 1 was quite an achievement!

Over the proceeding 7 years, ETA has grown and become pervasive across the Apple ecosystem. Today, ETA encompasses a Today View widget, an app for Apple Watch, an iMessage app, an Apple Watch complication, it works with Siri and most recently it's on your home screen as a Home Screen Widget.

While there's much more of ETA than what originally rolled out in February 2014, the premise still remains the same, being simple, accurate and fast!

Thanks for all your support over the last seven years. We're certainly looking forward to at least another seven more. In the short term we've got some exciting things coming over the next 12 months. Stay tuned! 😀

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