Packed with great features to assist in your daily travels



Handy location dashboard

Travel time and traffic to all your locations

Open up ETA and you'll be welcomed with your favourite locations and w travel time and traffic warnings to each.

In a single tap you you can access route information, kick-off turn-by-turn directions or message an ETA to a friend.

It's your handy resource of all the locations you care about.


Multiple forms of transport

Drive, transit or walk to your destination

Alongside driving, ETA supports public transit (in select cities), as well as walking.

Easily compare driving with walking and transit times to know the quickest way to get you to your destination.


Connects with your calendar

Premium Feature
Automatic display of travel to appointments

With Calendar Sync, travel time to your appointments and meetings are automatically displayed.

ETA's intelligent engine pulls your calendar data and matches to a location in your dashboard. Our lightning fast search will automatically resolve any unknown location and plot the time and traffic conditions.

You can further configure Calendar Sync, connecting meeting rooms, friend names to your saved locations.

Advanced preferences allow you to select specific calendars, adjust the window for display and even set a buffer time to account for parking.


Use any navigation app

Works with Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze and more

ETA is a perfect companion to your favourite navigation app. Some call it a "speed dial to directions".

On your iPhone, on Apple Watch and in Today View tap a location to initiate directions.

ETA supports Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze and more. Added to that different locations can be configured with different navigation apps. Do you transit to one location? No worries, set that to use Transit or CityMapper over the app default.


First class Apple Watch app

Travel time and traffic on your watch face

The app for your Apple Watch that provides a 'complication' displaying travel time directly on your watch face.

ETA has been heralded as a must have app for Apple Watch owners with its powerful 'complication' and comprehensive native app. The Apple Watch app syncs with your phone to bring across your favourite locations

Directions can be accessed in flash, a simple two taps and you're into Apple Maps navigation.


Five Star Support

Frequent releases support the latest devices

Our small but passionate team has been supporting ETA since initial launch back in February 2014.

Across constant releases, welcomed improvements and new features have been enjoyed long term customers.

Our support channel (both email and Twitter) is well staffed and happy to help with any query. Requests are often replied to within hours.


Your privacy intact

Locations, calendars and contacts remain with you

Our development practices have put your privacy front of mind ensuring that no sensitive data leaves your device.

Your locations as well as synced calendar and contact information remain only accessible to you and are not transmitted to third party servers.

Location sync uses Apple's iCloud service in a container that is private to you.

We don't have access to your data and do not share information with any other outside entities (other than the data that Apple collects directly).


Themes and icons

Premium Feature
Tweak the visuals to your preference

Multiple themes and a range of app icons help you customise the look and feel of ETA.

The 'Neon' theme looks especially great on OLED screens from the iPhone X to the iPhone 11.


Advanced preferences

Configure layout, set defaults and more

While ETA is exceptionally simple and easy to use, advanced preferences allow power users extensive customisations.

Set default navigation apps, contacts and more per each location. Adjust information layouts and display options.


Share your arrival

Send from a location or via the dedicated iMessage app

Messaging friends and family your arrival could not be easier with ETA's interactive iMessage cards.

Within the app simply tap the message button to send a beautiful travel card to a contact. Advanced preferences allow you to set a default contact for each location.

Open up iMessage and you'll find a powerful iMessage app. Send one of your own locations or use the built in search to find any location not previously saved.

Contacts receive a travel card that they can view and return with their own arrival time.

Please note: premium features require an additional in-app purchase

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