Arrive on time

An indispensable app on iPhone and Apple Watch for those on the move; whether you drive, walk or take public transit.


ETA's intuitive and simple interface showcases all the essential features that help you plan and monitor your journey.

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Handy location dashboard

Open up ETA and you'll be welcomed with your favourite locations and w travel time and traffic warnings to each.


Connects with your calendar

With Calendar Sync, travel time to your appointments and meetings are automatically displayed.


First class Apple Watch app

The app for your Apple Watch that provides a 'complication' displaying travel time directly on your watch face.


Multiple forms of transport

Alongside driving, ETA supports public transit (in select cities), as well as walking.


Use any navigation app

ETA is a perfect companion to your favourite navigation app. Some call it a "speed dial to directions".


Share your arrival

Messaging friends and family your arrival could not be easier with ETA's interactive iMessage cards.

Versatile, Intuitive, Indispensable

Made for everyone on the move

Real time traffic

Check travel conditions

ETA's insanely fast dashboard gives you instant traffic and travel time to all your locations.

Share with friends

Message your arrival time

On your way out the door send a message letting your friends or family member know when you'll be there.

Syncs with your calendar

Appointments & meetings

Appointments and meetings automatically display with advice on when to leave so you always arrive on time.

Everything at a glance

Widgets and Apple Watch

Get your travel estimates on your iPhone lock screen or on your Apple Watch face

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Support for TomTom Go now available


Seven years in the App Store


ETA featured in Apple Newsroom

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