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ETA for iMessage

Today we’re excited to release ETA for iMessage. As the name suggests our iMessage app allows you to share your arrival time in Messages.

To send an ETA simply open up Messages, select ETA and tap on one of your locations. Friends respond with their arrival time by simply tapping on the ETA you send!

Don’t have a location saved? No worries, a powerful search is available without leaving iMessage.

While ETA for iMessage is only a few hours old we’re humbled with the feedback we’ve received from press and users. A few highlights

  • Federico Viticci at MacStories says “ETA is one of the most useful, technically impressive iMessage apps I’ve tried.”
  • John Voorhees also at MacStories says “With ETA I can set up my office and home in the app, quickly tap ‘Home’ on the way out the door in the evening, and send a nicely formatted and designed message with my expected time of arrival.”
  • Juli Clover at MacRumors says “With ETA, you can share the arrival time before you reach your destination directly in the Messages app, so if you’re on your way somewhere, the person waiting for you will know when you’re going to arrive. You can share from your saved location or search from any nearby destination.“

Added to this we’re also on Product Hunt today. Drop by and join the conversation!

We hope you enjoy the update!

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