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The 'S' Release

Use Siri, Apple's powerful voice assistant with ETA

We've got a new update brewing... we're calling it an 'S' release .. 'S' is for Siri!

Next week heralds a new chapter for ETA, melding the power of ETA with the accessibly of Siri. With the release of iOS 12 and watchOS 5, ETA's powerful functionality will be available instantly on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Let's get into it!

On your iPhone

All Siri functionality on your iPhone is powered by Siri Shortcuts. Once set up, the following actions are supported:

1. Quickly add a location.
Found a great cafe, just parked your car, or just want to save something quickly? Simply command Siri to save your current location.

2. Calculate and display travel time.
Need to quickly check travel time to a favourite location? With a simply Siri command, travel duration and traffic summary will be provided in a flash!

3. Turn by turn directions.
For hands-free directions simply command Siri to guide you to a location. Directions will launch your chosen navigation app from Apple maps, Google maps, Waze, Here and more.

On your Apple Watch:

Users of our Apple Watch app have loved the convenience of travel data right on their Apple Watch face. The ETA complication has been an integral part of the app since third-party complications were made available in watchOS 2 back in 2015. With Siri Shortcuts, we're able to bring this functionality (and more) to the popular Siri watch face.

On the Siri watch face, you'll be able to add your current location without opening an app. Turn by turn directions can also be initiated with a single tap. Arguably the most powerful feature is that travel time to a favourite location will be displayed. Added to this, if you have upgraded ETA to include Calendar Sync, travel to your next appointment will appear. Pretty neat!

ETA will be available on Monday's launch of iOS 12 and watchOS 5. Subscribe now to be the first to know when it's available.

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