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Our guide to use ETA for deliveries

A quick walkthrough guide using an example workflow

Businesses around the world are grappling with the effects of COVID-19 and there's great need to reshape their company in order to survive. In particular, small business and shops including cafes, restaurants, bakeries and speciality stores are having it tough. Their lifeblood are diners and shoppers shopping locally, a market that's no longer present due to government requirements to stay at home.

The most responsive of business have had the foresight to shift their trade online and offer local delivery services. With this shift they can continue to operate and help customers continue to enjoy delectable treats, great coffee, quality goods and more at home. If you're one of these businesses then ETA could be a handy tool in your arsenal to help you manage your daily deliveries.

We've put together a little 'how-to' detailing a simple workflow to help you whip through deliveries as quick as the speed limits allow!

Quickly add locations

Whether you have your orders in a CSV, notes doc or other, you can easily copy and paste each address into ETA.

  1. Copy the address from your order list
  2. Switch to ETA and tap the '+' at the bottom of the dashboard
  3. Select 'Search'
  4. Tap once in the search box and 'Paste'
  5. Select the location in the list
  6. Add a name (we suggest order or reference number) and save

Order you locations for optimum efficiency

Once you have your list of daily deliveries you can order them to ensure you're driving the most optimal route.

  1. Tap 'Edit' in the top right of the dashboard
  2. Use the 'grab handles' on the right of each location reorder. When you're happy with the order tap 'Done'
  3. When you've completed a delivery simply swipe to the left and tap 'Delete'

Message when you're on your way

ETA comes with a simple yet handy messaging feature. You can utilise this to inform customers of your pending arrival.

  1. Tap on your next delivery in the dashboard
  2. From the bottom right tap the message button ( the 'speech bubble')
  3. Add the customer's phone number and press send.
  4. Your estimated time of arrival has been sent!

That about does it. If you've got any questions feel free to reach out to our support team.

If you are using ETA for deliveries of any sort we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email detailing your business, business type and city and how we could make ETA easier for you! We've got some interesting developments in the works!

Stay safe and if you have to be on the road, happy travels!

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