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Public transit now available

A new version of ETA arrived at the start of the week, optimised for iOS 9 and Watch OS 2. This update is bursting with new features and improvements with two core highlights being a 'complication' for Apple Watch and the ability to view transport times via public transport.

So far reception has been great with ETA gaining positive mentions over at iMore (and again here), Macworld, Wired, AppAdvice and Computerworld.

NOTE: Please check the AppStore and make sure you’re running version 2.1.1. This latest release fixes a number of issues that many users experienced with the our initial watchOS 2 app.

What’s a ‘complication’?

A ‘compilation’ refers to any feature available on a watch that goes beyond the display of hours and minutes. See the day of the week on your watch? That’s a ‘complication’. The date? That too!

When talking Apple Watch, ‘complications’ can be quite powerful. We can view sunrise/sunset times, weather information as well as quickly reference our calendar. With watchOS 2 Apple is allowing third-party developers the opportunity to have elements of their apps available directly on the watch face.

We’re quite proud with the complication that we built with ETA. Simply choose your favourite location and have travel time and traffic information available at all times. We also put our predictor to work so with a quick spin of the digital crown you can travel in time to view an estimation of traffic and travel time for up to 5 hours into the future.

So tell me about this transit thing!

With the launch of iOS 9 Apple incorporated transit into its maps app. At launch this feature is supported in select cities across Europe, North American and China (full list here) with more coming soon!

With our latest update we bundled in transit support. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the supported cities ETA will be able to help you with your commute no matter how you travel!

Check out a location's detail screen to get a handy comparison that quickly shows the fastest way to get to your destination.

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