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Dark Mode, Apple Watch and more

A new release and some news from the team

Welcome to our first update for 2020. To say it's overdue would be an understatement. Even though we've been quiet on the updates we've been very active on the tools, preparing a host of new goodies across the ETA family.

Given the current climate and and the need to stay home and stay safe we're hoping that you're not using ETA that much. When things eventually get back to normal, these new features arriving across iPhone and (soon) on Apple Watch will certainly help you with your daily travel!

1. Version 2.4.10 for iOS is packed with enhancements

Going live earlier this month was version 2.4.10 of ETA. The update was both an improvement release as well as introducing dark mode into the app.

In terms of improvements, we've enhanced the complication on Apple Watch and rebuilt the location engine on the iPhone. If you had issues with the complication or, on the iPhone, previously seen 'n/a' appear against locations we strongly suggest updating. If you're still experiencing issues after the update please contact us. The (huge) side benefit of the new location engine is that travel times are displayed lightning fast!

The most visual aspect of this release, as mentioned, is Dark Mode. Check out the widget in all is "Dark Mode" glory!!!

2. New Apple Watch app coming along

Towards the end of 2019 we previewed our new Apple Watch app on Twitter. It comes packed with features including advanced complication management, business grade data and most importantly it's completely independent of the iPhone app!

We're currently in private beta and have put a pause on release for the short term given the current situation experienced worldwide. Development is ongoing and we hope to update you during April on a release date.

In the meantime, here's a further sneak peak at the new app, specifically the exciting complication management

The new ETA allows customisation for each complication family meaning you can have multiple ETA complications on one watch face. Added to that you can have a dedicated calendar complication!

3. Transit now available throughout the EU

During February Apple quietly released transit support for a number of countries in the European Union..

The great news is, as we use Apple for data, support for transit in these countries has been automatically added to ETA. If you live in Germany, France or Spain (and potentially other countries) try transit it ETA.

No update is needed for this, so in future if Apple announces new cities/countries with transit coverage this will also be supported in ETA immediately.

That's all for now. Look for more updates soon. For the latest follow us on Twitter and sign up to our email list.

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