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This is an old article relating to an old version of ETA (launched in 2016). We're keeping it on our site due to being predominately featured in the Google index. If you need help on how to setup your Apple Watch complications visit the link below.

At the end of September last year we launched a complication for Apple Watch allowing you to view travel time to any destination right on your favourite watch face.

Due to the underlying implementation of how travel time and location updated in the background, the complication didn’t update as frequently as it should. The great news is that with ETA version 2.2 these issues have been resolved.

So if it’s all been fixed why the reason for this post? Well during our beta testing process we found the complication worked for most testers straight out of the box. But, for a select few, some additional work was required to get things humming along. So if you’re having any issues with ETA for Apple Watch make sure you have the following bases covered.

Assign both primary and alternative locations

ETA 2.2 provides you the ability to assign two locations to your complication. If you’re located at your primary (i.e. Work) your alternate will display! Make sure you’ve configured this feature, it’s found inside the ETA iPhone app.

Ensure Location Access is set to Always and Push Notifications are enabled.

We’ve developed, well we think anyway, a pretty cool background data update routine. This requires both Location Access set to ‘Always’ as well as enabling ‘Push Notifications’. Don’t worry - we use push to send silent triggers to tell ETA to regularly updates travel time and location. No annoying banners or alerts will be getting in your way. We’ve also taken great care to ensure battery use is minimal and our tests show ETA operates around 1–5 minutes in the background over the course of a 24 hour period!

Restart your Apple Watch app

If you’ve provided ETA the relevant access to location and have enabled push but still having issues then it’s time to restart your Apple Watch.

After your Apple Watch has powered back up tap on the ETA complication. This will launch the ETA app for Apple Watch. Once the app has finished loading, and you’re seeing travel times for each location, you’re done. Head back to your watch face and within 30 minutes, or on a major location changeange, the travel time will update!

Re-install ETA for Apple Watch

If you’ve gone through all the steps above but still having issues then the last resort is to re-install ETA for Apple Watch. On your iPhone head to the Apple Watch app. Scroll down to “ETA”. Turn off the switch to ‘Display on Apple Watch’ to remove the app. After this completes turn the switch back on to install. It’s also not a bad idea to complete all the previous steps, especially the restarting your Apple Watch!

That’s it! If you’re still having issues or have any questions about the app feel free to email us!

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