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Our new standalone Apple Watch App

A progress report and sneak peek

You might have heard the news, either here or over on Twitter that we're hard at work on a new, written from the ground up, completely independent app for Apple Watch.

As we near closer to release we'd like to share with you a couple of headline features that make this new app pretty awesome (in our unbiased opinion of course).


Back in 2017, to the joy of many ETA users, we launched calendar sync. It welcomed the automatic display of travel time to all your appointments. This popular integration provides intelligent advice on when to leave, giving you upmost confidence that you'll never be late again! Coming in the new ETA for Apple Watch, your calendar appointments are first class citizens having a dedicated calendar list. No limits, no worries!


If a dedicated calendar list excites you, hold onto your hats! Also coming are custom lists. That's right! Easily organise your locations and have a dedicated list for work, weekend, travel ... or anything you want ... the list literally goes on! With the new app you're only a force touch away from better location management.

Custom Display

We all have our own preference of what we classify as important information. When it comes to travel, commuters might want trip duration, route information, distance.. or more. Well, with the new ETA app for Apple Watch you'll have fine-grained control of the information displayed with the ability to change it on the fly, right on your watch.

Support for Cycling

Last but not least, we're excited to introduce a new travel mode... cycling. Those that commute via two wheels can enjoy travel time and route information knowing that calculations are based on bike friendly paths.

The above few features are on top of what we shared previously including: powerful complication configuration, exceptional speed enhancements and iCloud sync. All together these are just but a few of the innovative and awesome features coming soon to your Apple Watch.

We've yet to set a specific launch date but if you're interested in joining our closed beta simply drop us an email. If you want to be the first to know when we launch, sign up to our email list.

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