A busy first fortnight for ETA v2

Earlier this month we released a substantial update to our flagship driving companion app, ETA.

When ETA launched back in February 2014 it delivered a simple way to for users to quickly view travel time to their favourite places.

With the launch of ETA v2.0 a raft of new features have been included. But with a huge amount of added functionality we were focused on ensuring that that the core simplicity of the app would not be affected. With ETA v2.0 we think we’ve struck the perfect balance of offering powerful features through ultimate simplicity.

The additions are highlighted by a top to bottom redesign, a traffic identifier/predictor and of course an app for Apple Watch. For more detailed information on the release head over to our ETA microsite. If you’re after something more visual then check out our Vine channel that summaries the new features in a number of 7 second clips.

This new version enjoyed a great first fortnight with a glowing review from Federico over at MacStories. Serenity from iMore awarded ETA an iMore Editors’ Choice award. Added to this Apple featured ETA as a ‘Best New App’ in a number of countries including the US, the UK and Australia. Finally, to cap things off ETA reached the top 10 on Product Hunt the day after launch.

Thanks to all the reviews, comments and feedback we’re now busy on a number of updates that we hope to soon have available to the public. First up is a small bug fix release, available in a fortnight, that irons out a few kinks. Following that we have a blockbuster release for iOS 9 that we hope to provide more detail on soon!

If you haven’t already make sure you grab a copy of ETA today! 😀

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