Loved by users, press and App Store

It's been a fantastic initial couple of months for our self produced app ETA.

Firstly, and most importantly, we've had thousands of happy customers. We've been inspired by massive number of positive emails and App Store reviews from customers that now rely on ETA daily:

  • "I've been using this app for a couple months now and I love it!"
  • "Simply brilliant."
  • "Brilliant app that I use daily."
  • "As a constant traveler, I love this app."

Secondly, the press have had many nice things to say. TechCrunch said that "(ETA offers) a simpler, faster and generally less cumbersome experience (than maps apps)". LifeHacker said "it's simple, but it's a really nice way to just glance at travel times without messing around with a maps app." Business Insider wrote that ETA is an essential app for 'getting stuff done at work'.

To cap it all off, this week ETA has been heavily featured in the US and Australian App Stores.

This has been a pretty exciting time for Justin and I but we're still focused on our next release of ETA. We hope our users get a real kick out of it. If you own ETA and have any feedback why not drop us a line. If you don't own ETA yet... what's stopping you?? :)

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