Release Notes

New Apple Watch app and more

Enjoy a new Apple Watch app and advanced location features

While only a 'point' release, ETA 2.4.6 is packed with some epic new features. We hope you enjoy!

1. New Apple Watch App

During our time at WWDC, we were able to attend a number of technical labs to gain invaluable insight from Apple Engineers on how to improve ETA for Apple Watch. With this learning, we're happy to launch an entirely new app, built from the ground up with a focus on reliability, efficiency and speed. Visually you'll notice little change; all the improvements are under the hood.

If you've had issues with the Apple Watch app or complication in the past, we strongly urge you to update (or reinstall) and try again. Please let us know how you go!

2. Advanced Location Features

Alongside the new Apple Watch app, this update also brings some advanced features for each ETA location you have stored.

Head to a location, tap the icon top right to access a new 'location specific' settings screen. You've got lots of great options here:

  • Set a specific navigation app for this location. EG. Say you use Google Maps with ETA but want CityMapper for directions to a destination in which you always take transit.
  • Assign a contact for quick messaging. EG. For your 'home' location, assign your partner so in a tap an iMessage card can be sent with an estimated time of your arrival.

Many calendar specific features have been added to make this new integration even more powerful.

  • Select a specific transportation mode for this location when it appears in calendar events
  • Add time buffer for parking (or other reasons) to the trip duration to make the total time more realistic to your needs
  • Specify multiple names for a location with 'Aliases'. This extremely powerful feature allows you to, for example, assign items such as meeting rooms or building names to your 'Work' location.

Added to these two great features, we've also crunched a number of bugs and made some improvements along the way.

If you have any questions please reach out. If you haven't yet done so, download ETA directly from the App Store today.

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