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Calendar sync coming soon to ETA

We're excited to announce that calendar sync is arriving later this month in a blockbuster update of ETA.

This feature, arguably the most requested from our passionate customers, conveniently displays travel time to your next calendar appointment across all ETA apps.

To use calendar sync simply ensure your appointments and meetings have a location assigned. No need to have a fully valid address, ETA uses its search engine to uncover the correct location. Added to this 'Smart Find' links calendar locations to existing locations present in ETA.

Travel time and suggested departure time to you calendar locations will automatically appear at the top of your dashboard on iPhone, in a new widget in Today View, and on Apple Watch both in the app and on your watch face via the ETA complication.

As we prepare for release we're putting out the call for a small group of beta testers to help us polish the remaining rough edges. If you're a heavy calendar user and you'd like to give the new version of ETA a spin please complete send us an email. You'll be added to our TestFlight and be able to put this new version through its paces.

For everyone else, stay tuned for more info! We hope to be live in the App Store on August 30.

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